Netflix’s Shocking Decision: Why ‘The 8 Show’ Won’t Return for Season 2

There’s much speculation and many questions still lingering after the finale of “The 8 Show,” yet Netflix has quietly ruled out a second season. The 8 Show has been one of the most intriguing new K-drama series of 2024, capturing the hearts of many viewers with its unique storyline and compelling characters.

The Rise of ‘The 8 Show’

“The-8-Show” debuted as a fresh K-drama based on the popular webcomics “Money Game” and “Pie Game.” It tells the intense story of eight contestants, each in dire financial straits, who participate in a high-stakes reality competition for a chance to win 44.8 billion won. The twist? To survive, they must start using some of that money themselves.

Comparison to ‘Squid Game’

Many have drawn parallels between “The-8-Show” and “Squid Game,” another Netflix phenomenon that took the world by storm. While “The-8-Show” may not have reached the same astronomical heights, it certainly stands on its own, providing a gripping narrative and strong performances that have kept audiences glued to their screens.

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The Unanswered Questions

Despite its success, “The-8-Show” leaves viewers with several unresolved questions by the end of its eighth episode. Fans hoped these would be addressed in a second season, but the change in labeling to “Limited Series” suggests otherwise.

A Meta Mid-Credits Scene

The show concludes not with a cliffhanger, but a meta mid-credits scene. In this scene, Park Jeong-min’s character, now a screenwriter, pitches a script based on the show’s events to a financier. The TV executive initially pretends to have experienced the ordeal himself, only to reveal it was a joke. Despite the 7th Floor’s assurances that the story is purely fictional, the financier offers full support. This playful ending leaves fans pondering the possibility of more, even though the label change indicates the story is likely complete.

The Tradition of One-and-Done K-Dramas

This shift to a “Limited Series” shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most K-dramas are designed to be single-season stories, offering a complete narrative arc without the need for further episodes. This format is one of the appealing aspects of K-dramas, providing satisfying conclusions without the frustration of unresolved storylines.

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Previous Instances on Netflix

Netflix has a history of reclassifying K-dramas as limited series. Recent engagement reports have confirmed this trend, with shows like “Business Proposal,” “A Time Called You,” “The Sound of Magic,” and “Crash Landing on You” following a similar path.

The 8 Show
The 8 Show

Performance Metrics of ‘The 8 Show’

At the time of writing, “The-8-Show” has featured in Netflix’s top 10 for two weeks. The initial week saw the show lag behind titles like “The Bequeathed,” “A Killer Paradox,” and “Parayste: The Grey.” However, it picked up significant momentum in its second week.

Viewer Statistics

So far, “The-8-Show” has garnered 45.10 million viewing hours and 6.5 million views. Here’s the breakdown:

Week in Top 10Week PeriodHours ViewedViews / CVEWeekly Rank
1May 12th, 2024 to May 19th, 202411,900,0001,700,0007
2May 19th, 2024 to May 26th, 202433,200,0004,800,0001
The 8 Show

Is There Hope for a Season 2?

The conclusion of “The 8 Show” and its reclassification as a limited series might suggest that a second season is unlikely. However, the playful hint in the final scene leaves a glimmer of hope for fans wishing for more.

Exploring ‘Funny Game’

There’s also the possibility of exploring another webcomic, “Funny Game,” for future content. This could provide a fresh narrative while keeping the spirit of “The 8 Show” alive.


“The-8-Show” has certainly made its mark as a standout K-drama of 2024. While it may not return for a second season, its unique storytelling and compelling characters have left a lasting impression. The move to classify it as a limited series aligns with the tradition of one-season K-dramas, offering a complete and satisfying narrative arc.


Why did Netflix label ‘The 8 Show’ as a limited series?

Netflix often classifies K-dramas as limited series to provide a complete story in one season, which is a common practice for this genre.

Will there be a second season of ‘The 8 Show’?

While the series has been labeled as a limited series, the final scene hints at the possibility, but there are no official plans for a second season.

What is ‘The 8 Show’ based on?

“The 8 Show” is based on the webcomics “Money Game” and “Pie Game,” which revolve around a high-stakes reality competition.

How did ‘The 8 Show’ perform on Netflix?

“The 8 Show” featured in Netflix’s top 10 for two weeks, accumulating 45.10 million viewing hours and 6.5 million views.

Could there be a spin-off or continuation in another form?

There’s potential for exploring another webcomic, “Funny Game,” which could provide new content related to “The 8 Show.

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